Fort Hill Cemetery  -  Cleveland TN

Master alphabetical list to identify location of graves.
Some of these files are large.  Please be patient while they load.

If you find your ancestor's name on these lists, the final column will identify how to find them.
(22-141 means section 22 and photo number 141)
Many stones have been destroyed by time, weather, and vandalism.  On some stones, the writing is totally illegible and many have been overturned and the information is facing downward, therefore currently unreadable.
This project was begun in January of 2006 so burial during that year may or may not be listed.
Each stone has been photographed.  If you find your ancestors on these lists, email me with the person's name and the number located in the last column and I will be happy to email you the photograph of the stone.

If you plan to visit our city and search for the stone yourself you may find the information below helpful.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Cleveland, TN area, the street that enters the main entrance of the cemetery is called Worth.
This comes directly to the left of section 1  (See top of map right)
Worth turns right onto Parks, or ahead onto Bigham
Bigham runs to the left of section 2 and turns into Veterans
which curves back to the right running to the right of sections 6, 9, and 10.
6th Street enters from South Ocoee St. and becomes Parks between sections 1 and 2.
Parks continues on between sections 3, 4 and 1.
Robertson runs between sections 2 and 3.
Blair runs between sections 9, 7 and 6
McKessic runs between sections 6 & 7.
Corn runs between sections 5 & 6.
Lea runs between sections 8 and 7 & 9 with McNelley between 9 and 10.
Glaze veers to the left off Veterans Drive between sections 10 and 12
Dethero runs between sections 17 and 16.
Hoyle runs between sections 16 and 15.
Campbell runs between sections 15 and 14.
Wooten runs between sections 14 and 13
Frady runs between sections 13 and 12.
11th Street enters from South Ocoee St. between sections 18-29 and 17-12.
12th Street enters from South Ocoee St. between sections 42-30 and 18-28.
Traynor runs parallel to Worth out of the cemetery, (top left of plot map).
The remainder of the roads are unnamed.

Thank you to Marylin Kinne, Beth Long, and MiniSu Willard for their time, efforts, and dedication to making this project possible.